Customer Spotlight: Clifford Power

Clifford Power SystemsLocated throughout the central United States, Clifford Power Systems, Inc. provides services from ten office locations that support a five state region consisting of Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. 

  • Name:  Ken Clifford
  • Business Name:  Clifford Power Systems, Inc.
  • Business Address:  Tulsa, OK
  • Business Telephone Number:  918-836-0066
  • Business Website Address:
  • What industry are you in?  Generator sales/service/rental/parts
  • How long have you been in business?  28 years
  • Business Summary: Clifford Power Systems, Inc.’s sole focus is on generators sales and service including: sales of new and used equipment; emergency service and preventative maintenance plans for all makes and models, part sales; rental of power, HVAC, cable, distribution and lighting; and generator installation and maintenance training. 
  • How Long have you been a client of Murray Wamble?: Since 2003

What was your insurance challenge/issue?

Prior to Murray Wamble we were with a rather large brokerage firm.  We really didn’t understand how the insurance business operated.  We needed the insurance coverage and our old firm got us the policy and processed an invoice.  Other than that we never saw our broker representative and the service was less than satisfactory.

Why did you choose Murray Wamble?

When we met Murray Wamble they were very interested in how we do business and had a lot of questions for us.  Many of our answers led to more questions.  What they demonstrated to us was that we were paying for things we didn’t need and that we lacked coverage in some really critical areas of exposure.  Once they identified these and learned of our risk tolerance we actually got better coverage and saved money in the process.  The most important thing they did was teach us how to reduce risk and become a safer organization

How did Murray Wamble help?

They did not serve as a passive provider, they became part of our team and a company advocate.  They educated us on how important it is to remain focused on insurance because our business constantly changes and so do our areas of risk.  We learned from them that being proactive through establishment of a culture of safety that is developed and supported from the top down is critical for our organization.  Thanks to Murray Wamble we now have an ongoing safety program focused on protecting our customers, employees and company. 

What 3 tips would you give another business regarding insurance/risk management?

  1.  If you begin to wonder if your provider understands your business they likely do not and you must have providers that understand and are invested in your company’s success.
  2. If you want to improve the safety of your company you should tap into the expertise of others that know how.
  3. You should have 100% trust in your provider’s knowledge and commitment to your company’s success.  The insurance/risk management relationship is equally as important as the one you have with your accountant or your bank!  

What is your Value Proposition?

We are Local.  Clifford Power System’s employees are members of your community so we have a personal investment in your total satisfaction.  Also, because we are right around the corner, we can respond quickly whenever you need us. 

We are Experts.   Off-utility power generation is not a sideline business for us-- it is the only thing we do.  Our seasoned professionals have a deep level of expertise in this field, possess multiple certifications and are committed to ongoing professional development to hone their skills with the latest technologies and industry requirements.  Our expertise is well known industry-wide and it’s why we are called upon to train other companies on power generation support!  The result of our laser focus is Clifford Power Systems’ clients know they are receiving the industry’s most advanced system solutions backed by superior technical support in the field.

We are Stable.  Clifford Power Systems has been in business for nearly three decades.  We are financially stable and continue to grow with annual revenues currently reaching $50 million.  What this means is that we are going to be here today and well into the future whenever you need us.                              

We are Reliable.  Our culture and the attitudes of our employees are focused on delivering as promised.  We don’t want to be a good company-we want to be a great company and great companies continually challenge themselves to be better.  This is reflected in our employees’ high-level of pride in a job well-done and attention to client service.  The Clifford Power Systems’ guarantee is:  If you need us-we are here to help.

We are Available 365/24/7.  When you need power you need it right then and not the next business day.  Clifford Power Systems is local and available for you 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24-hours a day