Community Providers, Home Health Care and Faith-Based Organizations

For over twenty years Duane, and the Murray-Wamble team have served a wide variety of social service agencies including mental health, home health care, and youth; but most prominently we serve community based providers of services to people with developmental disabilities.

Team Approach:

Our clients deal with an individual team of specialists that include an account manager, a service representative and a loss control specialist. We’ll help coordinate coverage that includes, property, autos, general and professional liability, umbrella, workers compensation or ERISA coverage, directors and officers liability, and group health.

  • Community Providers – As a leader in insuring agencies that serve children and adults with developmental disabilities, we understand the risk and exposures involved with serving the disabled.  In fact one of our managing partners Duane Murray literally developed the insurance program for providers in the state of Oklahoma when the State-run agencies were dissolved and released consumers to privately run operations. The creation of a cost effective insurance program was a crucial step in the formation of the entities. Since then Duane is responsible for managing and insuring over 100 providers throughout Oklahoma and Texas.
  • Faith-based Organizations – From churches, to camps, to the non-profit groups supporting them, we at Murray-Wamble know that they have the same exposure and vulnerability to ligation as any major corporation.  Sometimes even more due to the unique programs they develop to serve the community. The days of traditional Sunday services are almost nonexistent in today’s churches.  Overseas missions, fundraisers, coffee shops, volunteers of unknown background, issues with wrongful termination, sexual abuse, concerts and many more activities, open the doors to costly law suits.
  • Private Schools – The unique challenges of a private run facility range from protecting the children, ensuring support staff and teachers have no integrity or moral issues that can jeopardize the institution and to ensure no criminal or negligent risk occurs.   We specialize in helping recognize and protect private schools and ensure they have appropriate policies in place to project the mission.

Murray-Wamble is also dedicated to helping:

  • Manufacturing/Industrial – This is where the rubber meets the road at Murray-Wamble.  High Hazard multi-risk is where we shine in identification of unseen exposures and using our skills to develop a zero-loss tolerance environment through behavior modification.  In an environment where Workers Compensation, Automobile, and Product Liability losses can literally put a company out of business, it is vital to have an insurance and safety professional on board to provide the proper protection at the lowest possible cost.
  • Office Programs – From retail business to professional offices, we make sure that property coverage, general liability and workers’ compensation is in place to cover your office.
  • Captive Programs – Feel free to contact us, then link to [email protected]